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What we do

We are value added services creator, dedicated to Edge Computing infrastructures. Edge programming can be difficult as is finding a purpose to the edge infrastructure. Here comes Edgegap, we create purpose for edge and we help simplify it's implementation within different environments. Our field of expertise extends over several areas. Among these, we find the following:

Products & Services

  • Something

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  • Dedicated Server

    Dedicated servers for different games and other applications at your fingertips.

  • Edge Matchmaking

    Coming soon...

  • Edge Cloud Services

    We worked with almost every cloud services available, from simple VM hosting to complicated Severless Kubernetes.

  • Edge Programming

    We know Edge is difficult, we are here to help you find a simple use for it.

  • Infrastructures

    We are well equiped to answer some of your questions on the Docker technology.



picture of arbitrium

Automate data centers selection and deployment for each instance with Arbitrium. Leveraging Edge Computing infrastructures, Arbitrium uses multiple data points and real-time telemetry to calculate the best location for every match instance. It will manage its lifecycle and make sure user experiences remain perfect throughout the game. Along with reducing drastically latency, Arbitrium enables closer matchmaking allowing players to be grouped with people from the same region. Arbitrium also allows studios to save on standby instances by only running games when they are needed. Our patent pending solution will help you save money while improving player's experiences.

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