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Who is Edgegap

Edgegap is a small startup founded by Mathieu Duperré in 2018. Shortly after, Mathieu went to ETSI MEC Hackathon to present the idea with which he started the company. This idea was so intriguing that it won the first place. Edgegap then went on to develop Arbitrium, an edge-using software that helps video game sutdios’ matchmakers and automatically choose the best edge site for each game instance.

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The only ones

Our team

The Boss
Mathieu Duperré

Like a shepherd in front of his flock, Mathieu guided his team through the mysterious challenges of edge computing. Being the proud leader of Edgegap, he knew how to start from a simple idea and end up with an elaborate project.

Side kick #1
Félix Goulet

Passionate about eSports, Félix was our go-to guy for everything related to video game experience. Programmer and gamer, he knew how to make ends meet to help in the rise of the project.

Side kick #2
Bastien Roy-Mazoyer

With his sense of order and analysis, Bastien was a great help for the structure of the project. Thanks to his willingness to learn, he is well on his way to become a jack of all trades in the field of edge computing.

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