Month: April 2019

Are gaming studios listening to gamers?

I’ve been meeting with many studios/distributors/console manufacturers in the last year, and getting them to admit that latency was a serious problem has always been a challenge. I’ve always wondered whether it was because they really believed lag was not a problem, or if they just refused to see it due to the fact that […]

Cloud Gaming comparison table

Last update: May. 21st 2019 Thinking of jumping on cloud gaming bandwagon? Well you are not alone. So are a few (!) companies. While trying to list the players, we ended up figuring out we could put together a table considering the sheer amount of them there are on the market today. We tried to […]

Building your cloud gaming stack 101

In order to provide a cloud gaming service, multiple elements have to be put together for the service to work. Many players are jumping in the band wagon. I’ll disect what I believe are the key technical layers of this offering, how they interact and where the culprits are. As you will see, while many […]

Stop saying lag is not a problem!

For some reason I can’t explain, most people I met in the video game industry in the last year or so seems to think lag does not exist or is not a problem. Take 20 seconds and watch this clip: To put some context, this player, Shroud, is one of the most popular e-sports […]

What’s missing to Cloud Gaming

After Google’s Stadia announcement at the GDC, I was swamped with people asking me what I thought about it, and what I thought about cloud gaming in general. ( I’m assuming here that you know what Cloud Gaming is. If not, have a look at ) If, like me, you were at GDC, you […]