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Broadband World Forum report

As part of their latest report, Broadband World Forum interviewed Mathieu Duperre about his perspective on the market. He provided his point of view about Edge Computing emerging market. You can find their latest report here:

Upcoming shows & live demos!

We are thrilled to announce that Hewlett Packard Enterprise is planning to demo our software, Arbitrium, integrated with HPE Service Director during the following events! Check with us, service providers may be able to get a live demo on how they can monetize their infrastructures through edge computing use cases! Let us know if you […]

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When Cloud take a beating!

Case study showing by how much edge computing can improve lag in gaming industry.

Are gaming studios listening to gamers?

I’ve been meeting with many studios/distributors/console manufacturers in the last year, and getting them to admit that latency was a serious problem has always been a challenge. I’ve always wondered whether it was because they really believed lag was not a problem, or if they just refused to see it due to the fact that […]

Cloud Gaming comparison table

Last update: May. 21st 2019 Thinking of jumping on cloud gaming bandwagon? Well you are not alone. So are a few (!) companies. While trying to list the players, we ended up figuring out we could put together a table considering the sheer amount of them there are on the market today. We tried to […]

Building your cloud gaming stack 101

In order to provide a cloud gaming service, multiple elements have to be put together for the service to work. Many players are jumping in the band wagon. I’ll disect what I believe are the key technical layers of this offering, how they interact and where the culprits are. As you will see, while many […]

Stop saying lag is not a problem!

For some reason I can’t explain, most people I met in the video game industry in the last year or so seems to think lag does not exist or is not a problem. Take 20 seconds and watch this clip: To put some context, this player, Shroud, is one of the most popular e-sports […]

What’s missing to Cloud Gaming

After Google’s Stadia announcement at the GDC, I was swamped with people asking me what I thought about it, and what I thought about cloud gaming in general. ( I’m assuming here that you know what Cloud Gaming is. If not, have a look at ) If, like me, you were at GDC, you […]

Experts at NFV Plugtest

Edgegap has been selected as Edge Computing expert by ETSI to prepare, build and support the MEC track during the 4th NFV Plugtest which will happen in Sophia Antipolis from June 3rd to June 7th 2019. For more info on this NFV plugtest: The event will feature an interoperability track on ETSI MEC standards, […]

Gaming developer conference

Edgegap was present last week at GDC 2019 in San Francisco. We got to meet many studios and see what was done regarding infrastructure for gaming.