Arbitrium + Agones + Open-match

Arbitrium + Agones + Open-match

We worked on a demo for the GDC which we can now publish here. We’ve integrated our orchestrator along with open matchmaker and agones. Those 2 platforms are open-source projects. The first one is an open source matchmaker handling players. We modified it to have it request match instances to Arbitrium and it was relaying […]

Mobile World Congress was a success!

Its a wrap! MWC 2019 was a major success for Edgegap. With our product showcased at HPE booth in the main hall, we were able to demo to many CTO in the service providers vertical. Many people would come over the booth and ask for the “gaming demo” which is awesome! We are coming back […]

Gaming a popular topic at MWC 2019

This year’s MWC was driven by 5G and Edge Computing. As everyone struggle to find the killer app for Edge Computing, gaming seems to be a raising topic amont those looking for answers. Edgegap was feature in this analyst research post MWC.

Edgegap and Rafay Systems Joins Forces to Reduce Latency & Improve Performance for Online Gamers

Joint Solution to be Demonstrated at Mobile World Congress 2019 in Barcelona For online gamers, the most agonizing experience is not when they face certain annihilation by their fiercest opponent. Nope, not even close. It turns out the most terrifying moment for an online gamer is when online play slows down, lags or abruptly stops. […]

Beat lag in online video games with Edge Computing!

Montreal, Feb. 13th 2019 – Edgegap launch Arbitrium, the first software to beat latency in online video games. Using “Edge Computing”, Arbitrium allows studios to automate the decision-making process and deployment of their gaming servers throughout hundreds of data centers. The result is server instances running closer from players, and cost saving by only running […]

Arbitrium is a go!

After a lot of pizzas, off-hour works and bug fixes, the team delivered! We are thrilled and excited to release V.1.0 of Arbitrium. Arbitrium is the best software to allow gaming studios to get the most out of Edge Computing infrastructure and improve player’s experiences. Go dig our website for more and reachout to test […]

Edgegap at Mobile World Congress ’19

Edgegap will be in Barcelona next month for Mobile World Congress! Our newly released software, Arbitrium, will be demo-ed on the floor with running games and multiple edge computing sites. The whole demo will also be orchestrated by HPE Service Director. Come see us at HPE booth or contact us now to book a meeting […]

Edgegap accepted to project Encqor

Edgegap has been selected to deploy our Edge gaming solution in Encqor infrastructure: We will be able to demonstrate online gaming on Ericsson 5G infrastructure along with Ciena edge computing. First live demo on 5G will be ready by the end of January, with Ciena integration in February/March. It will be available in every […]

Edgegap invited as a speaker to Open Edge Computing

Edgegap was invited to participate to the Open Edge Computing workshop last week at Carnegie Mellon University. We were happy to provide our perspective on Edge Computing. By enabling online video games to leverage Edge Computing infrastructure, we as developers are facing challenges and requirements which we happily shared with the teams involved. We are […]

Edgegap won 1st price at MEC Congress Hackathon in Berlin!

4 weeks after launching my startup, we won 1st place in Berlin at MEC Congress Hackathon! Crazy! Thanks to Huawei and Saguna for supporting the integration with their platform. I’m still looking for more developers, hit me up if you want to join the fun!