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  • Something

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  • Dedicated Server

    Dedicated servers for different games and other applications at your fingertips.

  • Edge Matchmaking

    Coming soon...

  • Edge Cloud Services

    We worked with almost every cloud services available, from simple VM hosting to complicated Severless Kubernetes.

  • Edge Programming

    We know Edge is difficult, we are here to help you find a simple use for it.

  • Infrastructures

    We are well equiped to answer some of your questions on the Docker technology.

We're here to help

Our Services

Edge Cloud Services


Expertise in integrating and managing multi-cloud environments to get the most of every infrastructure while keeping track of each deployment. Each application comes with specific requirements, and not every type of cloud infrastructure can support them. Being able to recognize those specificity and enforce them is crucial. We can help you develop and deploy you applications tailor made for your needs.

Edge Programming


While everybody is looking at Edge Computing to solve their problems, the amount of standard, manufacturers and groups claiming to be "THE" edge solution keeps growing. We can help you navigate through this sea of solutions by helping you analyze, evaluate and develop the right product which will solve your specific problem. We have experience in integrating with most edge computing API and interfaces on the market today, and can provide feedback at what the best path is.



From the network layer up to the application development, our team has experience on every layer. Leveraging existing products and filling the gaps, we can help you build your own (edge) infrastructure or tailor-made solution to support your business needs.

We offer a multitude of games and applications which can deploy on dedicated server for any group of users. Log in to the console to get started.

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