Edgegap appoints new Chief Strategy Officer

Edgegap is pleased to announce today the appointment of Vincent Archambault as its Chief Strategy Officer. Vincent has more than 15 years of experience in the gaming industry and will be applying his knowledge of the gaming market to help studios with their infrastructure needs.

“I’m thrilled to be joining the team here at Edgegap. Having been on the other side of the fence for many years as a Game Producer, I can vouch for Edgegap’s product as being what the gaming market is currently sorely missing.”

Edgegap’s technology helps game studios reduce lag and improve player experience by harnessing the power of edge computing. With 10X more regions covered than the biggest cloud provider, the company’s patented technology automatically selects the fastest server in its infrastructure for a determined group of players. Integration is easy, and can help game studios open new markets all around the world by improving the player experience in locations where it was previously impractical.


Edgegap selected to prepare & support MEC plugtest at ETSI

Again in 2020, Edgegap has been selected to prepare and support the upcoming NFV & MEC Plugtests (Multi-Access Edge Computing) at ETSI in the upcoming few months. We are working with ETSI and the various vendors involved in the Plugtests to develop the test plan for MEC interoperability. As leader in edge computing industry, Edgegap provides their expertise to share the tests and provide support through interop events between vendors. We are proud to support such project and encourage NFV and Edge vendors to participate. To join the plugtest you can follow the url below and register:


Notes that the plugtest may happen remotely due to the covid-19 situation.

GFR Fund Joins Edgegap Seed Round

GFR Fund is an early-stage venture capital fund that invests in ground-breaking technology startups disrupting the digital entertainment sector, with a specific focus on #eSports. This year GFR Fund is working to expand its portfolio with companies that are innovating in the areas of live streaming, audio, artificial intelligence and edge computing.

“Edgegap is the perfect example of a company that is solving a real problem for gamers and in eSports – that of latency or “lag” – and GFR Fund is proud to be a part of its seed round. We are very interested in investing in companies that are using #edgecomputing to advance gaming experiences, and Edgegap has built an infrastructure that does this by allowing for new and effective ways of managing multiplayer environments and removing lag altogether,” said Teppei Tsutsui, CEO and Managing Partner of GFR Fund.

As an affiliate of GREE, Inc., a global leader in the mobile gaming industry, GFR Fund offers its portfolio global business opportunities in the Asian market combined with deep connections in Silicon Valley and decades of experience in digital media and entertainment. For more information, visit www.gfrfund.com.

Edgegap closes $1 million seed funding round to build next generation gaming infrastructure

Montreal, Dec. 13th 2019 – Edgegap, a Montreal based Startup focused on next generation gaming, has today announced the closing of a $1 million seed financing round to develop an innovative gaming infrastructure.

The Startup, founded in late 2018, is building the next generation of gaming infrastructure. Their solution allows video game studios to improve player experience while reducing lag. The team, led by Cisco and SAP alumni, is providing a world-class solution leveraging a new type of infrastructure called Edge Computing. They are helping studios lower their cost of infrastructure and improve player experience through innovative services. The unique and patented solution has been tested by major studios and is seen as the answer to lag, the number one problem affecting the gaming industry today.

The financing round was led by Konvoy Ventures, a Colorado-based venture capital fund dedicated to video gaming. They are joined by Hiro Capital. Hiro is a UK/ European venture capital fund specialized in games and esports, which recently announced the launch of a €100 million fund for this sector. Together, this highly strategic group of investors will enable Edgegap to reach a worldwide audience.

Edge Computing to reduce lag

Edge computing is a new type of infrastructure where smaller data centers are deployed in multiple locations, closer to users, instead of large centralized ones. The technology permits lower latency by reducing the distance between servers and end users; however, it brings a new set of challenges by dealing with multiple locations and different technologies and vendors. In a case study released this year, Edgegap demonstrated that it reduced lag by more than half and improved player experience 95% of the time. Edgegap achieves this by tightly integrating with both gaming studio backends and edge computing infrastructures. Such improvements are only possible by using Edgegap’s new technology.

About Edgegap

Edgegap is an early stage, Montreal based Startup building the next generation of foundational infrastructure for video game studios. Founded by Mathieu Duperré in 2018, they are a pioneer in the edge computing industry by creating new solutions using this new type of infrastructure. Before founding Edgegap, Mathieu was working at Cisco Systems as a specialist in software-based solutions for the telecom industry.


About Konvoy Ventures

Konvoy Ventures is an early-stage venture capital firm dedicated to video gaming and esports. They are based in Denver, Colorado.


About Hiro Capital

Hiro Capital is a Luxembourg / London technology Venture Capital fund which invests at Series A/B in innovators in games, esports and digital sports.

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Edgegap complète son financement initial de $1 million pour construire la prochaine génération d’infrastructure de jeux vidéo

Montréal, 13 décembre 2019 – Edgegap, une startup de la grande région de Montréal, Canada, annonce aujourd’hui avoir complété son financement initial.

Le Startup, fondé à la fin de 2018, développe la prochaine génération d’infrastructure de jeux vidéo. Leur solution permet aux studios de jeux d’améliorer l’expérience des joueurs tout en réduisant la latence. L’équipe, menée par d’anciens de chez Cisco et SAP, produit une solution de classe mondiale utilisant un nouveau type d’infrastructure appelée « Edge Computing ». Cette nouveauté permet aux studios de diminuer leur coût d’infrastructure tout en améliorant l’expérience des joueurs. La solution, unique et brevetée, a été testée par des studios majeurs et est perçue comme la solution au « lag », le principal problème affectant l’industrie du jeu aujourd’hui.

Le premier tour de financement a été mené par Konvoy Ventures, une firme de capital de risque basée au Colorado, qui se spécialise dans les jeux vidéo et le sport électronique « eSport ». À ces derniers s’ajoute Hiro Capital, une firme de capital de risque basée en Angleterre/Europe aussi spécialisée dans les jeux vidéo, le eSport et les technologies du sports. Ces derniers ont récemment annoncé un fond de 100 millions de livres spécifique à ce secteur. Ensemble, ce groupe hautement stratégique d’investisseurs permettra à Edgegap de disposer d’une présence mondiale.

Réduire le lag avec l’informatique en périphérie

L’informatique en périphérie, « Edge Computing », est un nouveau type d’infrastructure où une multitude de micro- centres de données sont déployés dans plusieurs endroits physiques, plus près des utilisateurs, plutôt que centralisé dans de grands entrepôts. Cette technologie permet une plus petite latence en réduisant la distance entre les serveurs et les utilisateurs.  En contrepartie, elle comporte une série de défis étant donné la grande quantité de sites physiques. Combiné au fait que le « Edge Computing » est offert par différents vendeurs utilisant différents standards, cette configuration rend la tâche complexe. Dans une étude de cas publiée cette année, Edgegap a démontré qu’elle peut réduire la latence par plus de la moitié et améliorer l’expérience de jeu pour plus de 95% des joueurs. Edgegap obtient ces résultats en s’intégrant étroitement avec les studios de jeux ainsi qu’avec les infrastructures informatiques en périphérie. L’ampleur de ces améliorations n’est possible qu’en utilisant la nouvelle technologie d’Edgegap.

À propos d’Edgegap

Edgegap est un Startup en développement basé à Montréal, développant la prochaine génération d’infrastructure pour l’industrie du jeux vidéo. Fondée par Mathieu Duperré en 2018, elle est reconnue comme un pionnier dans l’industrie de l’informatique en périphérie de par leur création de nouvelles solutions utilisant ce nouveau type d’infrastructure. Avant de fonder Edgegap, Mathieu travaillait chez Cisco Systems en tant que spécialiste de solutions logicielles pour l’industrie des télécommunications.


À propos de Konvoy Ventures

Konvoy Ventures est une firme de capital de risque dédiée aux jeux vidéo et les sports électroniques « eSports ». Ils sont basés à Denver au Colorado.


À propos d’Hiro Capital

Hiro Capital est un fond de capital de risque du Luxembourg/Londres réalisant des investissements de séries A/B dans les entreprises innovant au niveau des jeux vidéo, les sports électroniques « eSports » et les technologies du sport.

Light Reading analyst cover Edgegap latest case study

Our latest case study got picked up by an analyst at Light Reading. We are surprised and happy as we were not expecting this coverage. As cloud gaming is taking off with Stadia launch last week, latency in gaming is seen as a major roadblock to great player experience.

Click the link below to get the full article.


Edge Computing needs game-centric solutions

We were invited to present at Global Edge Congress in Austin Texas this week. Our CEO talked about how Edgegap is working with gaming studios to leverage edge computing infrastructures and provide unique services with a unique goal in mind: improve player’s experience.

We got to cover a few topics, including cloud gaming and why lag will not go away. Edgegap is featured in the congress magazine, thanks for BroadGroup for doing such and setting up this great event.