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We help game studios leverage edge computing infrastructures to reduce lag, improve fairness and scale on-demand in thousands of locations worldwide while tracking players online experience.

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Reduce latency

Bring your infrastructure closer to your players to offer the lowest latency possible.

Improve fairness

Reduce the difference in latency between players in a match to provide a fair chance to all players.

Unlimited on-demand scaling

Use the power of the multi-cloud and multi-edge to scale your game on-demand.

Player's experience tracking

Track how your players are experiencing your game and find out any issues with the way they connect to your game.

Policy-based decision-making

Make your game deployment choose the best location based on a set of criteria that you can control.

Game server monitoring

Monitor your game server performance and stability, and report any issues to the right channels.

Machine learning

Learn from all the data generated by your game, allowing for better decision-making.

Cloud & engine agnostic

Run your game servers from any engine on any provider resource.


Make sure your game servers are secure and your players can enjoy a safe gaming experience with advanced security measures.

Worldwide reach

Benefit from a pool of worldwide providers with a massive global reach.


Worldwide Locations


Lag Reduction


Better Network Experience

Our Products

Orchestration & lifecycle manager with configurable policies for highly distributed infrastructure.


Manage any type of infrastructures, scale up/down on demand & supervise capacity.


Realtime player monitoring, control for live triggers & alarms based on thresholds.


Big data collection from every match/player & machine learning to leverage the data collected.


End-point consistency and deployment life-cycle monitoring

Our Expertises
  • Managing gaming infrastructure for global titles and tournament settings.
  • Building container-based applications with cloud-native softwares (i.e. Kubernetes, K3s, Openshift)
  • Helping telecommunications service provider navigate the edge computing landscape
  • Applying the telecom standards such as ETSI, Akraino, 3GPP
  • Understanding the end-users experience and end-point consistency through analytics solutions based on edge computing

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