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Edgegap helps game studios reduce lag and improve player experience with edge computing.

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For gaming studios looking to eradicate latency.

Lag critically affects player experience and hurts your game. Leveraging edge computing infrastructure, we build tailor made solutions for the gaming industry to fight lag and reduce latency. The new paradigm of edge computing allows for new methods and ways of handling multiplayer environments. Edgegap brings the strength of edge compute infrastructure while minimizing the complexity of handling multiple locations. By working closely with game studios, Edgegap helps to offload management, reduce costs, and improve player experience.

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Multiplayer server instances closer from your players.

Orchestration is key in leveraging Edge computing to beat lag. While the Edge Computing infrastructure market is bubbling, the number of standards, manufacturers and groups claiming to be "THE" edge solution keeps growing. We can help you leverage those technologies through our infrastructure management solutions.

Dedicated servers for different games and other applications at your fingertips.

Leverage our expertise in integrating and managing multi-cloud environments to get the most of each infrastructure while keeping track of every deployment. Each game comes with specific requirements, and every infrastructure is different. Being able to recognize those specificities and enforce them is crucial. We can help you develop and deploy your games to support new Edge Compute infrastructure.


We know Edge is not easy, we're here to simplify it.

From the network layer up to the application, our team has the right experience at every level. Our solutions and our team will make sure your online gaming services remain up and running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A special Ops team tracks each instance and every game to answer quickly in case of problems. No more outages forto upgrade your gamegame upgrades -, our service allows for seamless cut-over between game versions and for a smooth, continuous, player experience.


A Matchmaker, but smart!

Our matchmaker solution, based on industry standards, differentiates by the fact that it takes into account the infrastructure and the group of players before making a decision. Players can expect to have minimal lag and optimal experience, while avoiding other players trying to join their matches using VPNs from a different regions.


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